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“I'm an aging tennis player with injuries normally associationed with the sport to my knees and shoulder.  Sandy and her team at Univeral Physical Therapy have gotten me back out on the courts several times with a series of in-house therapies and at-home exercies.  they have done the same with numerious other tennis playing friends.  The atmosphere at Universal Physical Therapy is profesisonal, nurturing and compassionate, and they get results.”​


“A tip of the hat to both of you for establishing Universal Physical Therapy.  Your wonderful clinic and the excellent team of therapists and support staff you have organized has served, and will continue to serve the greater Newport area in a manner that is unrivaled.  The community is indeed fortunate to have available such a fine health resource. 


Judy and I have received many therapies at U.P.T over the years as part of the recovery process necessary when one has to repair and replace old and worn out parts.  The results have been phenomenal.  It's very comforting to know that U.P.T. is available for our wellness needs as we trudge along the happy road to seniordom  Thank you, thank you, to both you and Lori, two wonderful women, and the unique care U.P.T provides.”​
Judy and Charles McCarthy


“After I broke my leg a few years back I went to Universal Physical Therapy to regain my strength, flexiblity and mobility.  Amanda started me slow and eventually worked me back to where I was before I fell down.  I found everyone working at U.P.T. to be very nice to me, and I felt like they cared about me and my well-being.  


Recently, I have joined their exercise classes.  It had been years since I last exercised in a regular manner.  It was hard at first, but Todd pushed me when I needed to be pushed, and helped me when I needed help.  I have seen a vast improvement in my strength, stamina, and clothes that I haven't worn in years fit again!”​
Steve Smith, Goshen, NH


“After several surgeries I can honestly say there is no place I would rather have my physical therapy done than Universal Physical Therapy.  Even when it was a unique surgery, Sandy went above and beyond in working with my surgeon to make sure my therapy went smoothly.  Everyone at UPT treats you like a family member instead of a client and that's what makes it truly special!.”​
Matt Christie, Newbury, NH

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