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At Universal Physical Thereapy, your well-being is our top priorty.  We offer group classes, men's classes, women's classes and personal training.  Our experiences, professional trainers can customize a program that is specificially designed to meet your fitness and health goals, or you can join one of our exisiting classes.  You will use a variety of techniques to achieve optimal fitness, including weights, kettle bells, weighted ropes, balance exercises, TRX ropes, body weight exercises and much more.  Our trainers can help you work on weight management, strength training, flexibility, core stability, cardiovascular health and post rehabilitation recover.  Whether your goal is to start exercising consistently, tone up a bit for an event, or lose weight, our trainers will work with you to reach your goal and feel better.



With our personal trainers, you get the benefit of having individualized attention to detail with a program designed based on a thorough assessment of your specific needs and goals.  One-on-one time with a trainer means you get the most out of your workout, every time.  $50 for one session, $240 for 6 sessions, $420 for 12 sessions.

           GROUP CLASSES

Our small, intimate groups are an excellent option for those who perform better with others, enjoy the social & fun atsomphere, and need someone there to give you that extra push.  Classes are small enough to get ample attention from our personal trainers.  $35 for 8 sessions, $65 for 16 sessions, $8 for one-time drop in.

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